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Get Udemy courses for free

Free Udemy courses

Today we will learn how to get free udemy courses. Udemy is one of the reliable place to get courses on various topics. It is genuine and provides reliable and high quality courses. But like other educational platforms, the courses you get here are also not free. But how to get udemy courses for free? Don’t worry today we will learn easy methods to get udemy courses for free without using torrent.

We know that knowledge is power. In today’s time high qualitative online courses are the best source of getting knowledge than many other educational institutions. Online learning develops self learning habit and improves our knowledge in better way. So, choosing best platform for online learning plays vital role in better understanding and improving knowledge. That’s why we are choosing udemy as our platform to use it’s valuable courses for free.

We will discuss two major methods for getting free udemy courses. On one method we will learn to get 100% discount to buy courses and on another method we will use another website to get free udemy courses.

what is Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning platform aimed for all level either professional, adults and students. It was launched in May 2010. As of Jan 2020, the platform has more than 50 million students and 57,000 instructors teaching courses in over 65 languages. There have been over 295 million course enrollments in udemy till now. It is one of largest place to get online courses.

You might get courses from other website and might be wondering why to use Udemy. It is because from udemy you can get high quality courses. But such courses aren’t free so today we will learn how to get such courses for free. I had downloaded various IT and software development courses of huge values for free using the method described below.

Method 1. Getting 100% discount for free udemy courses

First of all signup to udemy through this link , if you don’t have udemy account. Just enter your email, name and password for signup and verify your email.

  • To get 100% discount on the courses and to purchase for free first of all go to this website from this link. In this website you can get discount for courses of many website. We are discussing about udemy so select the course of udemy.Free Udemy courses
  • There are name on top of courses indicating where are these courses from. For example: courses from udemy has Udemy on top.
  • Now select your desired course.Udemy courses for free
  • Click on get coupon.Free Udemy courses
  • It will redirect to udemy. Now login with your udemy account.
  • Your discount will be automatically applied. Click on enroll now.Udemy courses for free
  • Congratulation now you get $100 or more worth of udemy courses for free. The course which i enrolled in this tutorial was of $156.Earn money without investment

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Method 2. Using another website

We will use a site named as ‘Ustreamy’ for getting courses from udemy for free in legal way with this method.

  • Go to the Ustreamy from this link. Here you can get huge amount of free udemy courses.Get money for free
  • Now select your required course. Here you can get $100 plus worth of courses on various topics for free.
  • Click on enroll now.TopTechpal
  • Now enjoy your courses which you get by paying hundreds of bucks on udemy for free on this website.Taylor Swift

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